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Stimulate, Emulate, Simulate

Date: July 1, 2010

Parry Oei, Chief Hydrographer of Singapore is something of an enigma. Softly spoken and unassuming, he promised “no great surprises” in his keynote address. And then proceeded to deliver some anyway.

It was blue sky thinking for the most part, but underlying this were serious concerns: that owners were confused about ECDIS hardware, starting to wonder whether the S-Mode initiative will ever see daylight and concerned that costs would inevitably rise at a time when rates were under such pressure.

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The Future of Navigation docks in Hamburg

Date: May 19, 2010

This week we have been putting together the finishing preparations for the first in a series of one-day navigation events with some of our regional partners.

Taking place in Hamburg on Thursday, the UKHO and German distributor HanseNautic have invited representatives from a number of shipping companies to the exclusive event hosted by Lloyd’s List’s Tom Leander.

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