Nothing ‘Lost in Translation’ for our ECDIS Workshops at Marintec China 2013

Date: January 3, 2014

Last month we took our popular ECDIS workshop to Marintec China 2013 in Shanghai, which is widely regarded as the premier trade event for the Chinese maritime industry. As well as our own presence, six ADMIRALTY chart agents had their own stands at the show to help promote our navigation solutions to the burgeoning Asian shipping sector.

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Today is Launch Day for S-63 1.1 on the AVCS CD Service: are you ready?

Date: October 17, 2013

Today is the launch day for S-63 version 1.1, the latest version of the international open-format security standard for electronic navigational charts, for all AVCS CD Service users.

If you’re an AVCS CD user, you have been upgraded for free to S.63 1.1, which represents a significant step forward for ensuring the security and authenticity of ENC data files.  This is in anticipation of the formal withdrawal of edition 1.0 of the IHO Data Protection Scheme – the global standard for ENC data security – on 31 December 2013.  After this point, only version 1.1 of S-63 will be compliant.

From today, all AVCS CD users will be supplied, via their ADMIRALTY Chart Agent, with S-63 1.1 format CDs and been provided with a wealth of information, as well as helpful resources and support from the UKHO to guide them through the process of making the switch to the latest version.  However, for the benefit of anyone still making their way through the transition process, here are our top five tips for making the switch to S.63 1.1 on CD.

AVCS CD media box


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In the news this week…IHO President calls for more data to be on hydrographic cards, ECDIS training to reduce maritime accident and a D-Day mapping Expedition

Date: October 4, 2013

Making the headlines this week… as the IHO President warns of overconfidence in digital data, London P&I club emphasises the importance of ECDIS devices training to reduce the risk of navigation incidents and an expedition completes the most accurate continuous archeological map offshore of the five D-Day invasion beaches.

‘We have better maps of the Moon and Mars than we do of most of our seas’ says IHO President  - During the last World Maritime Day, Robert Ward, President of the International Hydrographic Organisation, took the opportunity to warn the audience of  “incredible overconfidence in the data” that the digitation of data has created, whilst also calling for every vessel to carry an echosounding logger and make their findings available in a “crowdsourcing” of hydrographic data. Seatrade Global says that Ward called attention to the lack of hydrographic survey information in shallow waters, warning that a disturbing amount of data is unavailable on charts. Of the “0-200m” areas, 80% of West Africa, 95% of the Southwest Pacific, and 95% of the Polar Regions was either unsurveyed or requires new surveys. “We have an incredible dependence on Global Navigation Satellite System, and I would say the mariner and chartmaker have incredible overconfidence in the data that is presented on the chart” stated the IHO President. Despite new technology, greater efficiency in multi-beam echo sounders, laser systems from aircraft, and the use of contract surveys there is till a 35% deficiency in observing platforms said Mr Ward. “It is almost impossible to think, in the 21st Century, that governments would produce sustainable economic development plans on the shore with no maps. But we seem to be doing it at sea, and we seem to have plans to continue. I suggest that is not a good thing” he warned.


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Making the headlines this week… World Maritime Day, Minerva goes paperless and progress on the Stad Ship Tunnel.

Date: September 27, 2013

This week saw the shipping world celebrate World Maritime Day, an announcement from Minerva Marine that it will be switching its fleet to digital navigation and an update on Norway’s plans for the world’s first ship tunnel.

World Maritime Day: A Concept Of A Sustainable Maritime Transportation System – Yesterday the IMO celebrated the 36th World Maritime Day. This year’s theme was: “Sustainable Development: IMO’s contribution beyond Rio+20″. In his welcome speech, IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu remarked that maritime transport was central to sustainable development, as the world’s only truly reliable, global, cost-effective and energy-efficient mass transportation method for energy, materials, foods and industrial products. Mr Sekimizu stated that shipping is at the heart of development and economic growth, but that these are not possible without sustainability.  He went on to explain that a sustainable maritime transportation system depends upon all the activities that support shipping, such as the operation of maritime traffic management systems and global communication systems, ports and multi-modal transport connections. At the same time, maritime experts like lawyers, engineers, educators and trainers all have a pivotal role to play in defining and achieving a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System. The IMO’s Symposium, attended by some 200 delegates, aimed to provide an overview of the maritime transportation system’s contribution to the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development.  IHO President, Mr. Robert Ward, talking about the role of hydrography in sustainable maritime development said, “Surveys and charts are vital for a sustainable maritime transportation system.”

Stad Tunnel_Ship Technology

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Answering the ECDIS questions you didn’t know you needed to ask: UKHO Workshop at the heart of London International Shipping Week

Date: September 25, 2013

The international shipping community descended on London earlier this month for the inaugural London International Shipping Week – a week designed to promote the many strengths that London and the UK has to offer as a place for the shipping industry to do business – and the UKHO was at the heart of things, both as a prominent supporter of the week and as host of its workshop on implementing ECDIS procedures.

The workshop took place at the prestigious headquarters of the International Maritime Organization in central London, with a very strong turnout for the event.  Reflecting London’s status as a world-leading provider of professional services to the international shipping community, the delegates attending the workshop were largely drawn from the ranks of the shipowners, maritime organisations, representative bodies, professional service providers and chart agents.  This was an interesting distinction from the audience for the UKHO’s workshops when held in locations with larger crewing communities, where the delegates often include serving bridge officers.  However, as pointed out by Captain Paul Hailwood, who once again led the workshop, this simply showed that ECDIS procedures are just as important to insurers, underwriters, lawyers, brokers, surveyors, vetting inspectors, flag state representatives and others, given the central role that ECDIS can play in delivering safe and efficient navigation, if implemented properly.

ECDIS workshop

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This week’s news…London International Shipping Week, the first Irish Wi-Fi network port and Safety of Navigation at IMO

Date: September 13, 2013

Making the headlines this week… London International Shipping Week puts the UK in the global spotlight, Cork to become the first Irish port with a fully operational ‘Sea-Fi’ network and the IMO Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation progresses its work on e-navigation.

Global maritime spotlight falls on London – the first – and hopefully not the last – London International Shipping Week took place this week, giving not just London but the whole UK the opportunity to promote its expertise, resources, products and services to the global shipping community.  An array of events took place across London over the course of the week, covering a wide variety of topics, including the challenges and opportunities within shipping markets, maritime security, fuel-efficiency solutions, environmental regulations and the forces at work within the many sectors that comprise that global shipping industry, as well as London’s position as a leading international maritime centre. Not only does the UK maritime sector play a crucial role within the national economy – generating £31.5bn to UK GDP and supporting 537,000 jobs – but it also has a unique role to play as a world-leading maritime hub, including the unique cluster of professional business and maritime services available in London.  The UKHO was a leading supporter of London International Shipping Week and we took the opportunity to host our ECDIS Workshop at the headquarters of the IMO; look out for our report on the workshop, coming soon.

Captain Paul Hailwood speaking at the IMO

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In the news this week…the English Channel, unmanned navigation, LISW and NEVA

Date: September 6, 2013

managing the marine traffic in the world’s busiest shipping lane, the MUNIN project looks at the benefits and problems of unmanned ships and this month’s international maritime events in London and St Petersburg.

Channel hopping: Keeping the world’s busiest maritime motorway moving The Gateway CNN show visits the English Channel and looks at the technology that keeps marine traffic flowing smoothly on the world’s busiest shipping lane. The Channel is home to the world’s busiest shipping lanes and more than 500 vessels pass through the strait that is only 34 kilometers across at its shortest navigable point. But as passenger and cargo vessels become longer, wider and more frequent, ensuring a smooth passageway has come to represent a considerable logistical challenge. Tony Evans, senior watch manager of the Dover coastguard explains: “It is the busiest shipping lane in the world, and this is not including small pleasure craft and motorboats. Today we have 12 attempts at swimming the Channel. Obviously that has some bearing on the traffic in the fact that vessels may need to take action to avoid them”. Given the waterway’s strategic importance, the English Channel has always been at the vanguard of maritime planning and safety. Nowadays, to make sure vessels navigate safely, officers can use a wide range of hi-tech systems and services that offer valuable guidance as well as reassurance. For instance, all vessels that weigh over 300 tons are automatically tracked by satellite. Moreover, detailed radar screens provide a real-time snapshot of all ships on the channel at any given moment while Automated Identification Systems (AIS) present information on the larger vessels passing through the area.

White_Cliffs_of_Dover_via wikimedia

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Delivering the latest ENC security standard: are you ready for the transition to S-63 1.1?

Date: August 27, 2013

The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) is now available on a single DVD and complete with the latest ENC security standard, S-63 version 1.1, as a free upgrade to all existing AVCS customers. This latest version of the open-format security standard from the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) represents a big step forward for the security of ENC data files.

In an early blog post, we looked at what S-63 is, the reasons why the IHO developed and revised S-63 and why it matters to mariners. Because all S-63 users have only five months before the deadline of January 2014 to upgrade to the latest 1.1 version, we now want to take a practical look at how ECDIS users can best manage the transition, supported by the many resources provided by the UKHO.

As the first organization to provide industry standard S-63 data on a DVD, the UKHO has taken a leading role in educating digital chart users about the need to update to S-63 1.1 and guiding them through the transition period.

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Insights from Istanbul: a report from the UKHO workshops

Date: July 11, 2013

The UKHO was in Istanbul last week for its latest two workshops on ‘implementing your ECDIS procedures.’

Fittingly, given Istanbul’s unique position as a bridge between Europe and Asia, the first of the two workshops was held on the Asian side of the Bosphorus and the second took place the following day on the European side. Both events were very well attended, with delegates clearly keen to learn more about the topic of this current workshop series, which is focused on policies and procedures for the operational use of ECDIS.

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ECDIS deadline day for new cargo vessels

Date: July 1, 2013

Today is a significant date in the calendar for the SOLAS-mandated transition to ECDIS.

From today, 1 July 2013, all new cargo ships, other than tankers, over 10,000 gross tonnes are required to carry ECDIS.  This is part of a rolling timetable of annual deadlines for different sizes and categories of vessels that began in July last year and which will continue through to 2018.

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